by The Wonderlife

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released July 7, 2015

The Wonderlife is:

Jay Vertin — Vocals, Guitars
Jacob Lauing — Drums, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Guitars
Peter Verheecke — Guitars, Vocals

Additional musicians:
Julien Renvoisé — Guitars on track 6
Gabe Wolf — Guitars on track 8

All words and music by Jay Vertin and Jacob Lauing*
*Track 8 written by Jay Vertin, Jacob Lauing and Gabe Wolf

Mixed & Mastered by Gabe Wolf at Apartment 20 Studio in Los Angeles
Vocals on tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 AND 11 produced by Julien Renvoisé and Samuel Marfleet in Montreal

Photography by Jacob Lauing
Editing by Jacob Lauing and Joseph Pack
Design and Typography by Jacob Lauing and Kassi Luja

© 2015 The Wonderlife
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


The Wonderlife Palo Alto, California

Founded a decade ago by two 12-year-olds playing acoustic music, The Wonderlife has evolved into a dynamic indie rock band whose eclectic blend of pop, progressive rock, and reggae gives every fan something to enjoy.

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Track Name: The Fog
Oh, a light
A shimmer in the night
The savior for a vessel bound to die

Cling, to life
Before we’re out of time
I know we won’t go down without a fight

There’s no clarity or company for the lonely ones

This heart and soul
50 sailors move as one
Wind bites the sails
As the world comes undone

Dreaming in a scentless haze
As the world comes undone

Undulate through testing times
Uncertain and doubting beliefs of
Devotion shared collectively

Soon comes the dissipating phase
Shining like the sun in all its ways
Sail under the sun rays
Illuminating future days

Absorb and breath in the vapor
Drift along in the fog
So far into the gray layer
So lost in it all

An anchor I’ll find
Sail toward the light
Can you save me from the tides?

Oh, a light
A shimmer in the night
Cast away the anchors and glide

Cling to life
Before it’s out of sight
I’ve found all that I need to stay alive
Track Name: As We Run
The pleasure's mine
Just tell me, what’s your story?
Perhaps a petty fight (is keeping you awake at night)
Or skeletons that linger, terrorize

For me it’s what I used to know
Where doors are closed and now they’re locked tight

Run away from this enduring tragedy
Girl, take my hand and I will follow

A town so bruised and battered, egos shattered
Where demons hide in trees that shade the light

Run away from this enduring tragedy
Girl, take my hand and lead the way

We'll chase the morning sun
Just tell me what we’re running from
And we won’t turn back

A tale of irony
That only ends in misery

Dressed so seductively
I couldn’t take my eyes away (I had to stay)

The more we run
The more we come undone
As we run
We only come undone

This irresponsibility
Scripted by our destiny
Our hands are bound
But only for the night

Is this meant to be?
The clock says temporarily
We flee this scene
And circle to the start

(We feel it as we run)
(Our hearts escape as one)
Track Name: Why, Oh Why
You’ve had your look
Now baby see for yourself
It would suffice it to say that you’re hooked
You don’t need nobody else it looks like I came at just the right time

Now I may believe in fate
Though it’s taken plenty away
Providing me all of the proof
By leading me to you
Now the sun is shining through

Long blades of golden wild grass
And all the colors of my heart were scattered across the sky
Oh, how colors rework
From your painters brush to to my awaiting eye

I want you by my side
Need you for tonight
Baby, why, oh why?

I want you by my side
Need you for tonight
The look that's on your face
Makes it worth the wait
The only consequence is
Tainted innocence
Track Name: We're Alright
See the moon
Vulnerable and in view
Eyes so glued, they hardly move
The start of something new

I’m not saying that I’m caught on the line
But I’m not saying that I don’t feel something
If you’re still awake at the end of the night
That’s your way of saying everything’s alright

When these sparks subside
Will this fire die?
Will our flames be burning steady?

Shouted from up high
When we realize
That we were more than ready

All along I had you wrapped between my fingers baby
Don’t you know I was kind of overthinking this
And we were on the same flight
Headed to the west side
We were in a maze
Avoiding the familiar

We were right on time

The light that opened my life
Mesmerized by a pair of hazel eyes
Track Name: Let Go
Two souls illuminate
In sheer disinclination
Can both reciprocate the light?

Still they radiate
Inescapably bright
Reflecting one another

Look in my eyes
See fate materialize
As chains which left you afraid
They wither and decay

On the wings of reluctancy
We crash and burn
Turn hesitation into release
And just let go

It’s pouring in paradise
But the California sun shines through
This winter water’s bitter
But I’ll bear it for you

For tonight, regrets won’t survive
One by one, they’re carried away

With a dose of reality
Will elation survive?
An indication of what could be
Destroyed in time

Place your hands in mine
By the oceanside
We’ll sway side to side
And forget about all that we’ve lost

Hold me close
We’ll pretend that we’re both not insane
I’ll lose myself in another
This fear will not remain

On the brink of maturity
With courage to grow
I’ll take this strange new audacity
I won’t let go
Track Name: RX
Alone at the bar, but there’s room for two
Anchored to a memory of the fall of autumn

Trust only lies in a glass half empty
Fueling the fire, igniting desire

Inhale the energy
In control, just sit and breathe
Until the end of the line
I’m getting stronger in time
To destroy the boundaries in my mind

Moving toward the feeling I’m after
And I’m moving faster, faster
Fly again, again and again

Inhale the energy
Control’s a memory
At the end of the line
Almost out of time
Can you help me fuel the fire inside?

Red skies bleed into blue
You’re hiding from reality
And I won’t stop you

Come down and coalesce
We’ll conquer the demons
Inside of my head

Torn between an anchor and the shore
I’m losing my breath
As they pull to the death
It’s a war

Can you love the broken part of me?
Can you find any good inside, in the sin inside of me?

Self-fulfilled but hanging on the wall
Occupy them all, ready for the fall
Can we mobilize ourselves?
All these years we’ve been lying to ourselves
Conscious of the fact materials extract
Leaving poison in our veins
Track Name: Gray (feat. Gabe Wolf)
My means have lead my to my end
Memorizing what to speak and who to be
Your days are spent trying to find life again

Now my hope is gone
Faith don’t lead me on
Stuck with no roads left and no reason to carry on

Power is what power holds
And I’m grasping for control
You smile through deception like no one knows
You leave the impression that its a gray world

Time will test my stability
The sensation that’s killing me
Now submission has taken its toll
On my body, my spirit, my soul

Your blackened heart
Met my changing skies
The world can see
The gray in these eyes

I give in
I’m powerless
Track Name: Parallel
I’m staying up just to hear you call
Baby when will your frozen heart thaw?
Have I lost her? Will I endure?
I’ll dwindle for sure

Caught in the sky
Our parallel lives at the right time
We were brought from the sky
Our parallel lives
No this won’t be the last time

So I’ll take my time
Lessening haste
And with each embrace

I was caught in the sky
By parallel lives
Brought by the sky
We live parallel lives
Now I'm caught in the sky
Our parallel lives
Oh, but why?
Why did it die?

No time for regret
Or to forget
When you love something just let it go

Now time passes by
Our parallel lives
We'll beat the time (Yeah there'll come a time)
We live parallel lives
We'll be caught in the sky
Our two parallel lives
We will align
Parallel lives
Track Name: Rest Of My Days
This January, without a drop of rain
Brings introspection coupled with a dire lack of change

In February, the water starts to fall
And now the path I walked is washed away
Was it ever there at all?

Waiting for the light
To wash over my head
And bring me the rest of my days

Waiting for the time
When this longing subsides
So I can get on with my life

Now and then I drive by memories
And dream of who I used to be
He bleeds

A flicker of doubt in a fading flame
It sparked who I am, not what I became

What was my heart’s delight
Has left me stranded outright
And now as we fade away
I’m getting better in time

Broken pieces will align in time
I’m only getting better now

Gather what was shattered
Now I pick up all the pieces
Track Name: The Constant
I believe in eternity
Not a life lived uncertainly
As days go by
My heart is heavy

An anchor to the ocean ground
Around which my soul is wound
You won’t see me around
Suggesting this confidence found

My feet led me astray
But my spirit found its way
As time accelerates
We stand still

An anchor to ease the pain
To make me strong again
To make me a better man

As vessels, they sail away
I’m anchored to somewhere safe

Another, I’ll find
When ships drift they collide
Can you save me from the tides?

I believe in eternity
And unwavering melody
As the earth unwinds
My pulse is steady