The Bereaved

from by The Wonderlife



Written by Peter Verheecke


A light, a shattered glass
Tonight, we'll meet at last
One touch and I will fly
One kiss another cry
I'll leave without a goodbye
I fear, before you weep another tear
You'll understand why we're not alone
Then there'll be nothing at all

I just want to tell you one thing
To never live this down
To open up your eyes
And tell me why we tried again
When all your sins remained among us
I will not breathe

Can you hear me now?
As I whisper I am always around
A memory through sound
You know that I am still with you now
Can you hear me now?

Don't forget me
We'll meet again when the time is right

You understand that we will not win
Unless you live
You understand that we will not win
Unless we live


from Gold Road, released November 18, 2016




The Wonderlife Palo Alto, California

Founded a decade ago by two 12-year-olds playing acoustic music, The Wonderlife has evolved into a dynamic indie rock band whose eclectic blend of pop, progressive rock, and reggae gives every fan something to enjoy.

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