Nice Song

from by The Wonderlife



Written by Gabe Wolf


Get up, get up, get up
It's time to live again
Find a place that you know
You can be happy in
Get up, get up, get up
The world is calling out
For you to make a move

So let yourself out
And while you breath in

The feeling of your heartbeat
It pulses through your body
The rhythms never stopping
It's always keeping you up
So you can make your choices
And blend in with the voices
Of lovers like a chorus
Whose hearts are always
Beating through

Get up, get up, get up
You've been asleep for
So long that you forgot
What you are here for
Get up, get up, get up
It's time to rejoice
Like you are still brand new

So let yourself out
And while you breathe in

Beating through
Straight through to you

But it's your choice whether to listen
You could always stay the same
But then you're missing out on living


from Gold Road, released November 18, 2016




The Wonderlife Palo Alto, California

Founded a decade ago by two 12-year-olds playing acoustic music, The Wonderlife has evolved into a dynamic indie rock band whose eclectic blend of pop, progressive rock, and reggae gives every fan something to enjoy.

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