For the Sake of It

from by The Wonderlife



Written by The Wonderlife


You thought the world was just where you'd been
I fell in love for the sake of it
Tonight let's just see
Let's drive to new cities where old highways lead
On roads so unfamiliar to me

A thousand miles apart
A feeling alive inside my heart
I took your broken light and made it mine
To get me through the night
I know you're the only one
One in seven billion
A thousand miles apart

Believe in your beauty and all that you stand for
Gaining the knowledge of love never felt before

My heart drops
And my breath is lost for a moment
When we meet again
Our bodies are locked in motion

If universe works fatefully, then you'll never leave
Even if your light goes out eventually
If the darkness comes to bury me, 'till I cannot see
For a thousand miles, a feeling guiding me

Cycle through the motions
Cycle through emotions


from Gold Road, released November 18, 2016




The Wonderlife Palo Alto, California

Founded a decade ago by two 12-year-olds playing acoustic music, The Wonderlife has evolved into a dynamic indie rock band whose eclectic blend of pop, progressive rock, and reggae gives every fan something to enjoy.

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