from by The Wonderlife



Written by Jay Vertin


Well the stars have gathered this evening
But the city’s stolen all our light
And it tingle me to know I’m just your type

Clear cut paths are deceiving
When they head inside your pockets for more

Leading me in circles all the time
Even if I feel intoxicated
I can’t get you out of my mind
And it thrills me that I’m paying for your time
Even if I feel intoxicated

Take a step outside
And in this light you’ll find
We are all slaves to the borderlines

Am I radical?
Or delusional?
Do I even have a good use to you?
You are just a tailored face
Another dollar and another day

Do I look alone?
You’re never gonna know
You’re never gonna have a way to find my love

Do you feel the bern?

I thought you were the one but you needed two
Here in the desert I needed you
Here in the desert

Conquered and bought for
When will they reap what they sow?
It’s hard to believe what they say
They’re all fucking liars


from Gold Road, released November 18, 2016




The Wonderlife Palo Alto, California

Founded a decade ago by two 12-year-olds playing acoustic music, The Wonderlife has evolved into a dynamic indie rock band whose eclectic blend of pop, progressive rock, and reggae gives every fan something to enjoy.

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